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How to Move with Your Wireless Security System

When you decide that it’s time for you to move to a new location it is time to start planning for the relocation of your existing security system in advance. By taking a few simple steps, you can avoid any disruptions in service and gaps in security coverage for your new home. Here are some useful tips that will show you how to move with your wireless security system.

Security system Installation plans

If you rely upon professionals to install your wireless security system then you’ll need to notify them in advance of the move and set up a time for them to arrive for installation of your service in a new location. This is the perfect time to consider any changes that may need to be made to accommodate a larger or smaller area and any upgrades or new features that you may want to include in the service, such as the addition of more cameras, night vision or remote access options.

Self installed Security Systems

If you plan on installing the system DIY, you only need to contact the monitoring service to let them know the details of when you plan to move, the address, telephone number and the date that the relocation of the service will be effective. If you are unfamiliar with the processes involved in taking down the equipment and sensors, the company of manufacture can be helpful in walking you through the process so you can avoid damaging any of the components of the system. Some companies are willing to provide new packaging for storing and transporting each part of the unit and this can be helpful for keeping it safe from harm.

Helpful tips

Wireless Security SystemTurn off the backup battery prior to disconnecting the system from the wall. This will help to preserve the life of the battery so you won’t need to replace it upon arrival. Take off adhesive strips that were used in mounting and purchase new adhesive so you’ll have it on hand for the new installation. Check the sensors to make sure that each is in good working condition and if there are any which are not working, order replacements in advance of your move.

If you’re using a camera system, scope out the places where you want to mount the cameras or if you will be adding more for greater coverage. Another consideration is whether or not there will be an increase in poorly lit areas that you may want to use more lighting options for. Purchasing all additional items such as adhesives, mounting brackets and hardware, lights, sensors and cameras is best done in advance of the move so you will have everything you need upon your arrival.

Install the home security system as soon as possible to avoid the danger of break ins when you move to a new neighborhood. This is an important step because there are criminals who watch certain neighborhoods and they know that people are more vulnerable when their mind is on getting personal items transferred from one home to another.

Call your internet provider to have the service turned on at your new location prior to the moving date. This will allow you to get your system installed and up and running immediately without a delay in service. Consider placement of the main console so there will be a clear signal from the internet service, yet hidden from the sight of would be intruders. The location will need to have a power source nearby.

When the day comes for installation, make sure that you have a telephone and the number of the security service provider handy if you run into any issues while you’re performing the task. Set the components out in the order that you will be installing them and take a second inventory to make sure that you have everything you need for installation. Call for assistance if there is any part of the system that is not working properly because there may be a small oversight that can be corrected in just a few moments of conversation with a professional technician.

Final thoughts on moving a wireless security system

Moving your wireless security system can be one of the most important steps in moving to a new location. This safeguard can provide your family with the security, safety and peace of mind that comes with knowing that your home is being monitored for uninvited guests. With a little advanced planning, you can make the switch to your new residence with greater ease and less hassle.