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Home Security Equipment Warranties

People are used to getting some can of warranty with products they purchase. Warranties serve as a way for manufacturers and retailers to get behind their product. They type of warranty that comes with home security equipment can tell you a lot about what the manufacturer thinks about the quality of their equipment, and if they are willing to back up their claims in terms of durability, functionality and overall quality. Home security warranties also serve as a way to give users some good old fashion peace of mind, which is primarily what security system buyers are in the market for. If they can’t trust your product, how can they trust you to protect their homes?

Home Security EquipmentWhat warranty should you expect with a home security system?

Home security companies may typically have 1-3 year warranties with their home security systems. Some may have warranties that run through the term of initial contract. Some security companies may default to the manufacturers warranty.

How do you know if the home security warranty is right for you?

I would recommend starting with the manufacturer and the brand. If the brand has been around for a long time and are known for making great products then I would be more likely to accept what their standard warranty is, based on the fact that they sell a lot of products and people seem happy with the brand.

It is also my opinion that if the home security company has their own brand, it may be just as good as they bigger, more recognizable manufacturers out there but I may need a bit more of a guarantee.

Understanding Home Security Warranties

You would typically come across one of two types of warranties on a home security contract. Limited Warranty and Lifetime Warranty, if we did a survey and asked people which warranty they thought was better of the two, I bet a majority of people would say they lifetime warranty. They may be right, but you can’t take wording like that on face value, it truly is all in the details.

Limited Warranty: A limited warranty may apply mainly to some parts and some conditions; it basically only covers certain situations that should be spelled out in the contract.

Lifetime Warranty:  A lifetime warranty could also mean a lot of things. It could mean that it covers the original owner of a product, or “lifetime” could mean the typical life span of a product before it needs to be replaced therefore people should actually be just as careful if not more when they come across lifetime warranties.

These details must be discussed with the home security company before signing up so you have a good understanding of the kind of coverage you are receiving with the home security system.


Warranties primarily serve to protect the consumer and force manufacturers to improve the quality of their products in order to be competitive. This is no different in the home security equipment. Warranties should not replace systems tests periodically and due diligence to ensure you are purchasing high quality home security equipment.