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Home Security Contracts

Home Security ContractWhen purchasing a home security system it is easy to get lost in many other details like price, equipment, technology etc. A very important component of choosing the right home security company for you and your family is the contract terms.

This is not to say that most of the other considerations are not important or deserving of attention, quite the contrary. Things like price, technology and equipment package could sometimes be dependent on the home security contract term.

Home security companies tend to factor certain things into their monthly service pricing. One of the things they factor in is equipment pricing. You may end up paying for your equipment over the time – a longer contract term could help a security company recoup some of the equipment costs via the monthly payment.

Typical Security Contract Term

Some of the most common home security contract terms out there last between 1-5 years. A majority of those fall into the 1 -3 year mark. Regardless of the contract term a home security company offers you for their service, you should always ask what other options they have and how they could affect pricing.

What Home Security Contract term to go with?

It really depends on your situation. Are you renting your property? If so for how what are you rental or lease terms? Do you own your property but are on a budget? You want to out what contract term would afford you the right amount of home security equipment for your budget, The contract term should be a negotiating tool. If you are renting consider going with a one-year contract or no contract at all. You may pay more for the equipment buy can request a system design that focuses on your biggest concerns.

If you need more expensive equipment like monitored outdoor cameras for your home or business, you may want to opt for a longer term contract and get reduced pricing on the equipment.  Basically, find out if your home security system can help you meet your sweet spot on the price.

No Contract Home Security Systems

People often ask can I go without a contract or month to month? Most home security companies should give people the option to go without a contract. This may work well for renters, or people looking for flexibility and don’t want to be tethered to contracts unnecessarily. It’s always worth asking what it would cost upfront or with your monthly monitoring fees to go without a contract.

Here are a few no contract home security systems Simplisafe and Iris. Systems without a contract could offer you some flexibility but some may find the equipment options to be limiting with some companies.  Also expect upfront coast to be somewhat higher than you typical 3-year security equipment package with traditional home security providers.


Before deciding on home security services, it is important to know the contract term. Security providers are typically required to reveal the terms, as customers would be agreeing to legal binding contracts. Buyers should note that they could leverage home security terms for negotiating price and other service terms.