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Best Practices for your Home Security

home perimeter securityThere are a lot of practices when it comes to security concerns; there is the personal security, work security, privacy security, and of course, their home security. The home is one place that requires adherence to security practices; especially with the way our society today is evolving. A person’s home should be that one place they will feel the safest, but alas there comes the burglars who break into homes anytime of the day, sometimes even while the owner is home and in deep sleep. If the home owner is home, this can be dangerous for their life, and if not, burglars are the viruses that you want to avoid to protect such home. There had been different ways, basic and technological ways to help home owners protect their home from break-ins and give alert when it happens; but as the saying, prevention is better than cure. So knowing some basic parameters on how not to draw attention to your home is one way you can protect your property.

Recognize Your Perimeter

In order for you to protect your property, you must set the lines on which are yours and which are not. Once you have recognized your property, one of first things you must do is put a fence around it to mark your territory; and after which you install a surveillance system. In installing these surveillance systems, there are certain considerations to make like:


    • Try your best to make it less enticing to burglars; make it as simple as possible and not flaunting what you have inside your home
    • You may put in some motion detectors within your fence system, this will be an advance alert for your household
    • Install cameras as well within your perimeter, especially on every entry points of your home. It is a safety pre- caution that will help you monitor possible danger and have evidence if break-in had happened
    • Remember that if you are going on a vacation, bring in your car to your garage and load your things when the garage door is closed

Make Sure You Have Installed Strong Openings (Door and Windows)

It does not matter how much surveillance you have installed on the outside your home, what matters most is how strong your first lines of defence are, and these are your entry points: doors and windows. You must ensure that the security at these points is rock solid.


    • Make sure that the locks you will be using for both doors and windows are sturdy and proven – that it is not easily tampered with from the outside
    • Make sure to lock your doors and windows when you are out of the house, or before you go to bed in the evening. Surprisingly, most home owners have a high tendency of leaving their entry point unlocked and unprotected
    • If you are using blinds, make sure to keep it close as well, that way burglars will not be attracted to see what is inside of your home.

Befriend Your Neighbours

Be an active member of your community, and make friends with the people around you. They will act as your look out when you are not home; and they will be your first line of back up when things go wrong around your environment. Chances are, they will notice the suspicious and unfamiliar thing going on in your area. Also by starting a neighborhood watch program, you will be helping one another have a safer community.

Dogs Will Be Your Best Friend

Owning a pet does not only give you health benefits, but also they act as your guard dogs and are your first line of attack when things go wrong. Dogs have a strong sense of smell and danger, when a burglar who had been observing your house for quite some time finds out you own a dog, chances are they will lose interest with your property.

    • Dogs, both small and big ones can intimidate people when they want to come into your home
    • Dogs will be your inside alarm when a break-in happens, and they will continue barking when something threatening is around your home
    • They can help deter potential burglary

Know the Important Numbers

It is important to know who to call for help, yes your neighbours will be there to help you out, but having someone you fully trust and know around when bad things happens. Yes, everything is on your mobile phones now and maybe they are on speed dial; but having the numbers written down can help as well especially if someone is watching your home for you.


    • Know the number to call for your local police station, so they can immediately come for rescue or help.
    • If you are living alone, know the number of your closest family and friends, they will definitely be the ones there for you
    • Write down your number and the number of people you may be with, in case someone is watching your home for you


Every home owner’s priority should be their home security and finding the perfect agency or equipment to acquire the much needed surveillances is an important decision to make. There had been issues of some surveillance services being a scam and you have to watch out for that, go for brands that are trusted.

Home security system is an important part of your home protection because you will never know when your home is a target of burglars. Your insurance may cover some of the items that will be stolen, but the priceless items are the ones you could not replace. Most home security systems will not only alert the local authorities, but can also alert you as early as possible, maybe even before something gets taken away.

Knowing some basic practices for home security is important too, sometimes technology may fail you and be a default and not be able to alarm you at all; understanding that the most important form of protection is too not draw attention to your property at all. As much as possible, you have be acquainted with people in your environment and make yourself known as many people as possible.