Home Security System Reviews


Finding the right company to secure your home is not a trivial task. After all you are essentially placing your livelihood in the hands of the home security company in order to quickly respond to an emergency situation. The Home Security Adviser understands this and it’s the reason why we rank dozens of home security companies each year. The home security market is really competitive and there are a lot of different solutions including professionally installed systems, Do-It Yourself system and both can come with or without monitoring services. We focus on the best home alarm system companies with security monitoring for the simple fact that it is the safest and most complete system that not only protects your family but it also saves you some money on homeowners insurance. Some companies offer up to a 20% discount.

How Do We Review the Home Security Companies?

We rank each company on a number of metrics which some are included below. We also install systems from different providers and record our experience with each vendor. We research customer experiences online both the good and the bad and see how they handle issues with the Better Business Bureau and through their social outreach. We have over 20 years of experience installing, supporting and handling home security systems so we put each company and their offering through its paces.

  • Ease of Use
  • Customer Service
  • Equipment Quality
  • Equipment Warranty
  • Ease of Access
  • Home Automation

How Often Do We Conduct the Reviews?

We conduct a thorough review each year toward the June/July time frame to allow us time to test any new products that the home security companies have released that year. Additionally, our team stays up to date and conducts a mini review every quarter in the event anything has changed. The new information found in the quarterly reviews will be posted online, however this does not affect the annual rankings which are released each August.

Our Mission

It is our goal and mission to educate the general public on home security and home safety. The best way we can help is by sharing our expertise that we have dealing with home security systems over the years. We have seen first hand how the industry has changed and we know what consumers like you want in a security system. This is why we put each company through such a stringent review process and only rank the companies that score excellent marks across the board. Once it receives the Home Security Adviser stamp of approval, you know it’s a company you can trust.